Welcome to The 39th ( 01)

Holy gushers you guys, I did a thing. Hello and welcome! I’m Lark (yes, really) and this is The 39th. If that means absolutely nothing to you, head on over to the homepage and click on the left hand side and read the about section. 

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, the heavy stuff is to follow. I’m a twenty something and I have a huge passion for history, however I find myself lacking the degree I need to pursue my dreams of being a high school teacher; so insted I spring did you know questions on people and keep a few facts handy at the forefront of my mind. 

Growing up I tended to always feel like I was slightly different. Although I was one of the few minorities that went to the schools I attended, my skin color would make me feel the least outcasted. I just wasn’t like most other kids, especially other girls. The girls were cute and well managed, meaning they were pretty and well socialized. On the other hand you had me who sat in solitude and observed the people and things around me. I always toted a journal and cared more about it than conduting myself as a proper young lady. To me, history facts and the observation of human nature was proper

What I’m getting at is this, if we’re all honest, we’ve all at some point felt adfit in a sea of social stigmas and uncomfortable small talk. We’ve all felt on the outside unable to voice ourselves, or maybe even afraid to discuss things. 

Welcome to the 39th, A safe place full of things that people don’t really talk about, no bias (I try to use well researched facts and let people come to their own conclusions) The world awaits people who aren’t afraid to say, ” Let’s talk about it.” People who can express what they think without demeaning others. Once someone uses speaking their mind as an excuse to demean others who have a different veiw, in my opinion have completely missed the whole point of speaking one’s mind. Sharing experiences and different opinions is the best form of education even if you disagree with what the person says, you have now learned that the world is bigger than only your point of veiw. 


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