Reading is overated (02)

Greetings guys! Well it’s friday, meaning it’s blog day. This one is completely off the top of my head so I hope you enjoy it. 

So let’s talk about reading. 

I was born somewhere in the middle of the tech boom era, I’m talking car phones and pagers in assorted colors kind of thing. These were times where technology fit into our lives as bright and shiny accessories. The early days of technology had not yet robbed us of our individually and our ability to express ourselves outside of a glowing screen. 

I know, I’m writing a blog on a shiny screen, but come on is there any other way to communicate beyond my bedroom walls? Where are the bookstores and the newspapers? We don’t read anymore. We regurgitate here say and scoff at an article longer than a page. We crave pictues and short summaries. 

Maybe I’m just peaching what sounds like common sense to most, but I can’t help but believe that people don’t understand the danger of a culture lacking literature and the desire to read. 

When our youth is more focused on sensational methods of communication and artificial forms of communication I can’t help but wonder what happened. The internet is not bad, just grossly misused. We can do better than waist trainers and blog posts about strange food combinations. My ansestors were jailed for reading and writing, for me that’s an art that I cannot see perish. 

We need a world that reads about culture, medicine, art, science, history, ect. We need people who sit down an recall their expriences and their knowledge for their lineage to come and put pen to paper (or finger to key). We need people who aren’t afraid to logout and go about learning and creating a world beyond their followers.

 So challenge yourself read a 4 page article about something going on in a foriegn country or about some old artist. I don’t know about you, but learning something new is still an exciting feeling. 

But what do you think? 


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