Nosy Neighbors  (03)

Got ya. The story that you came here looking for will not be found. 

I guess the real question is why are we so concerned about other people’s business when we don’t even play an active role in their lives?  I’m going to bring history into this for a moment- Hammurabi’s law code. The law code states that if you accuse anyone of anything or bring forth any speculation you better be able to back it up, if not,death. DEATH.  That’s pretty hefty


When we fish for information from other people’s lives and circumstances and then turn around and tell other people our “concerns” (just a chance to gossip) we become the very people who would have been charged in Hammurabi’s day. We have no right to assume anything  about anyone.    

I’ve heard it said often, “Im their (insert family member/close friend here) I know them best.” If you’re family/friend and you have to call other other family/ friend to get information on the person you are talking/ assuming about, you know nothing about that person. Being blood or knowing of someone for a long time does not make you an expert. 

I used to think the emotion needed towards people who assumed things without knowing me was forgiveness, but recently I’ve changed my mind. I now practice sympathy. I have no idea what makes another human being tick, nor will I even pretend I do. I just have to smile and hope everything is all right with their life, but never will I ever assume what’s going. Until a person tells you/shows you what goes on behind the closed door of their hearts and minds, you’re just as clueless as someone who’s never met them. 

The next time someone says or assumes something of you just smile. Take an ice cream sandwich or a pumpkin spice latte, place it in their hand, tell them you like their shirt, and be on your way. Their uninformed opinion of you is none of your business.

But what do you think?


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