Runaway (04)

I thought long and hard about this one. 

I promised you that I would try my hardest to shy away from personal things, but I guess it’s things like personal emotions that make us human; and that’s ok. 

What’s your biggest dream? Mine is to runaway. Barefeet and grass have always stirred my soul, but my desire to runaway is far from romantic. It’s a feeling of not belonging mixed with the desire to express myself. 

I’ve always found myself day dreaming about packing a bag of full of personal treasures and telling my family that I’ll be leaving and never returning. I always imagine this nomadic journey in search of a place full of people who allow me the pleasure of existing as I am. 

I think everyone feels like this. 

We want to runaway when people start to find everything wrong with our existence, but that’s their problem. As long as you’re heeding basic social cues who cares if you’d rather talk about the french revolution instead of makeup or clothes. So get married and wear orange, stay intrested in 16th century poetry, and of course chose joy when people make you feel like a blemish. 

So until you have the chance to make a break for it, be unapologetic and express yourself through kindness and compassion for others. 

Run as far and as fast when you get the chance. 

But what do you think? 


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