Real life lies (05)

Well firstly, hello again! I must apologize for my long absence, battling colds is no fun! On with the post!

There’s a bothersome tend among people today that urks me to my core; sensationalism. We have to make everything bigger and better, even the bad stuff. I rarely ever find awkward human error, yet I crave it the most. I’m not asking everyone to share their personal information, but please for the love everything do not pretend to have it all together in your instagram post. 

There is no amount of planing that you can do that can protect you from the grasp of life. I don’t care if you’re a Berkeley graduate with a PHD; you’re a messy human living in a messy world. 

You have every right to be proud of the good you produce, but choosing not to be reflective on the moments where you were brokedown wondering what in the world you were doing; is like removing the best part of your life victory from the story. 

I never expected to mourn physical death at a certain age, but when that moment came without warning it was very real. Inspirational quotes and lengthy posts were only words that meant nothing to a burning soul. Messy tears in a dark room mixed with anger was my reality. I  just felt awful, nothing more. I eventually   learned that I wasn’t required to act a certain way or bounce back in a certain time frame. I mourned in a messy way, but I really wasn’t able to until I was real with myself and others. I was not ok. So what’s my point? The next time you find yourself face to face with a real life moment, really go through it. 

Although very rough, understanding and experiencing that moment in my life left me better off. Compassion, boldness, and appreciation were born from such messy times.

In a perfect world we would never face unplanned moments, but life is full of moments that are both beautiful and ugly and the growth they cause in us is what truly matters. It’s the randomness that keeps us real.

Mourning is messy. 

Education is messy. 

Relationships are messy. 

This post is messy. 

Life is messy. 

But what do you think?


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