It had to happen (06)

Hi guys! I can’t believe how shocked you all are. What some of  you don’t understand is this; In a country as split as America, this had to happen. 

I told you I would always be unbiased, and I will remain so, but this election has a clear winner so let’s talk about it. 

I guess I’ll never forget the moment I set  cross legged in a beat up van watching a small screen as they called the election, but what I’ll never forget is the feeling of knowing this county was about to learn a lesson.

 No matter who you voted for by now you’re learning that the election results hit really deep for the American people. For the people that elected  him they now get to wait happily hoping Donald Trump will “Take back our country” while the other half hope and pray that such a movement would rise up that would help the other half understand their not going back. 

I hope this election has taught people, especially young  people, this has been America. There  are people who exist and live in the same country you do, but do not understand your expriences as you would. When it comes to voting there  are people that vote typically for what they perceive as their own intrests as opposed to what what would be more inclusive. That doesn’t make those people bad, just uninformed on another groups experiences. 

I’ll use a weird anxiety that I have to explain this better. I’ll be marrying into a mostly white family and this election already has me dreding the dinner table. It’s nothing to do with Trump who was elected, it’s the explanation of what taking us back means to people who haven’t lived like I’ve lived. I don’t know if I can stand the thought of someone explaining how much better things were 50 something years ago, when my grandma couldn’t even study a certain subject in school because she was black. As a young historian in the making no one can explain to me, as a young black women how this man can take us “back” to greatness. 

On the other hand, I don’t know how someone who’s had the privilege’s of the good o’l days could understand where I would be coming from either. If they could be housewives or work certain jobs it’s not their fault nor should they have to apologize for being born into it, but the second one side says the other, “that’s not the way it is” well we’re in trouble. 

Just like I will never understand certain expriences of the family I’m about to join, certain people will never understand how this election made certain people feel (on both sides of the spectrum) 

I hope America takes this time to stop being dismissive, and really take a good hard long look and this mess of emotions that’s on the brink of explosion. We are diverse, but so are expriences and separation and dismissive attitudes are the very things that got us here. 

But what do you think? 


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