Holy history, Batman. (07)

Hi guys! I’m back.

Well I’m going to just jump right in on this one; but i’ll start with an old sentiment  I shared earlier in the year. 

I was always good at the right brain stuff, but more importantly the detailed stuff . History is far from a cut and dry subject and always branches off into multiple avenues of discovery and adventure. For example,with the recent passing of Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro was a Socialist dictator who took power in Cuba after successfully ousting the American backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1959. ( https://youtu.be/xYF2_aeTI10)

Castro coined the phase, “History will absolve me.” and honestly as a history student, I understand why he constantly made that statement. For some Castro was the worst human being on the planet, bringing poverty and poor quality of life to Cuba, but for others he was a strong willed leader who was brave enough to stand up to the United States and forge his own way for his people. Sadly, it’s not that simple for either side. We must consider ALL the history and circumstances. 

Fidel Castro was without a doubt a lot different than your Mao’s and Moussolni’s. History will always indeed back him on that fact, but was he absolutely evil or did he have good intentions? You have to decide that after looking into the history. Sometimes a 5o year long embargo, and being economically intertwined with a super power that collapses and haults your countries development and economy, makes things a little less cut and dry. 

But what do you think? 


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