Expectations (15)

I originally wrote this a few days ago, but after a little more thought and editing I’m finally ready to share. 

Now before you close the browser because you are a hardcore Obama hater, understand a few things; I’m a Historian and I do not cater to political bias. 

Now before you close your browser becuase you are a hardcore Obama supporter who does not feel I’m doing him justice, understand this, I do not believe in great man history. (I’m talking to you Reagan)  

I’m here to offer you facts and societal observations. If you want a source that only caters to YOUR view points please go indulge in MSNBC or Fox news. 

Now that the tough words are over with on with the blog. 

With the upcoming inauguration only mere days away I felt very pressed to produce this before President Obama left office. 

I can remember sitting in my high school classroom 8 years ago discussing what the election of Barack Obama stood for in a country that only four decades prior would not allow a person of color access to equal opportunities let alone decent a toliet. 

The election brought with it a horrific undertone, that looking back now, seemed virtually undetectable. 

Majority leader Mitch McConnell would be the kick off to that very horrific  undertone. He vowed to make our President a one term President. 

I remember as a teenager in early 2009 hearing people say many things. I heard that President Obama would be a beacon of hope for people of color who wanted to be respected when it came to being a vital member of society. On the other hand I heard that Barry would be the worst President we ever had. 

It was in that moment I began to understand that this was going to be a definitive moment in American history and the molding of our culture. 

2008: A housing bubble caused by lending people money for property that had no means of paying the money back causes a financial collapse as well a massive effect on the housing market. (President at the time: George Bush) 

2009: I’m going to get long winded here, so I present to you the first ever video produced by welcometothe39th:

Dear President Obama:


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