Circus (22)

So, what do you get when you combine moving two-hundred miles away from home with the craziness of new marriage? A very apologetic writer. 

I’ve been spending the past month adjusting to a new life in a new town where no one knows my name and people always smile at the grocery store. It’s also very green here and ducks block traffic lanes. It’s a far cry from the life I knew back home, but it’s life that I’m getting used to a little more each day. 

I’m doing my best here, but I still do long for my hometown somedays. It’s a bitter sweet nostalgia that is sometimes swiftly stomped out with the thoughts of a better life offered by this new town. I guess I’ll still always miss those friendly faces of my friends and love ones. 

Oh, Grands. She complains I never get her good sides in pictures, but guys look at her lovely face.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot something else, the move brought me one more thing. 

I’m going to say this one last time for the people in the back who don’t listen. Stability is everything. I must simply tell you how much it means to have a place called home. You see for a long time like kids of divorce, I didn’t get to have just one home. You know the deal Christmas here, birthday there, the thought of not being able to sit between your mom and dad without fear of an argument. Although the physical shifting about mellowed in my teen years, I still felt the effects of three different homes of people not working together for a common goal. 

I’m more confident than ever in my ability to build a home with my husband. I owe it to my parents to make my house a home that fosters good memories and creates an ambitious atmosphere. I also happen to think it’s working already. 

This last month has been the craziest, most unexpected month of my life. It feels like a circus sometimes, but the fun ones where you eat a little too much cotton candy. It has its good days and bad, but as long as I’m willing to defend the path that I’m making and continue living with purpose then I’m good. 

These are the things that make me feel successful, and that’s what matters because haters are always going to hate. 

Well at least that’s what my dad tells me. 


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