Green Peas (23)

Hello guys, I hope you’re doing well. I have some cool news, but I thought I’d first give you some really bland back story. 

I hate summer. 

The one pictured below was closest I ever came to reaching a happy summer. I’m a winter person, not by choice but circumstance. This story explains why: 

 Well the story is quite simple, from about the age of eleven I started receiving horrible news during the summer. It quickly went from feeling like a strange coincidence to an unwanted yearly occurrence. The worst of this news being the death of a friend. 

The summer usually brings a lingering sadness that most people feel during the winter. 

I always try my best though. 

California has a way of offering beautiful distractions. Seriously though, I usually await the month October with the hopes of  relief from the sunny anxiety people call summer. 

So you may be asking yourself, ” So what’s the news?” 

I’ve been making art to sell. 

The art is part of my “Not This Summer Satin” collection. 

I still hate the summer, but I’m ready to address my feelings for the most part. 

So cheers to fun and frustration. 


(for now details about the art will be made available upon email request)


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